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We’ve all been there — moving is no joke. And while I recently moved in with my bf (who deferred all design decisions to me, thank god), my former roommate, Emily, was moving into a new apartment with virtually no furniture. While moving can be the perfect reset opportunity to your own style, it can get overwhelming pretty quickly. So she enlisted me to help.

Online shopping gives me life (even when I’m not the one buying things), so I jumped at the chance to help her decorate her new space. Since I’m pretty obsessed with design and decor, helping Em was a treat — instead of decorating one new home, I got to decorate two! So we huddled up and got to work. I filled a Google doc with all the cute things I could find on the internet within her set budget range.

I figured some of these gems would make a cute little graphic, so here are a few of the things I recommended for a classic, light and airy, natural feeling living room setup (plus, some extra splurges that I’d like to get myself).

Her apartment has tons of natural light, and Emily was set on becoming a crazy plant lady (which has already begun, as she adopted lots of large plants from a friend moving across the country). With that in mind, I wanted to include some warm woods, light-colored surfaces, and clean lines to keep things feeling modern, but also cozy and expensive.

The Frame TV, 43 inches, $860 // Bird of Paradise plant (it’s real!), $36
Fox & Fern 12-inch matte white plant pot, $59 // Safavieh Boston Collection flatweave rug in gray, $129 // Set of 6 pear-shaped vases, $37 // Faux marble coffee table, $106
Globe floor lamp, $75 // Belleeze Mid-Century Armchair, $140
Posner TV stand, $309 // Rituals book, $20 // California Living book, $24

The rug: first things first when you’re moving into a new space — it’s always a good idea to order your rugs before the move, so you have something to put down before the furniture arrives. Emily’s a fan of geometric patterns (and not the usual Persian rug patterns), so this Safavieh rug was a perfect match — and, it’s so unbelievably soft under your feet! I myself am a huge fan of the modern twists on Persian rug patterns, so I purchased this one in an 8×10 for my living room, and offered this Moroccan-style option as a happy medium for Emily, as well.

Sofa & chair: Emily inherited a nice sectional from a friend, so we opted to bring in a modern armchair to help fill space and round out the seating area — she ended up going with this version from Target, but the Amazon seat above was one of my favorites, too. If you want something that brings a little more warmth, or if you share an apartment with the male species, this faux leather option would work just great, and help balance any more femme touches you have in the space as well. Personally, I’m all about mixing feminine and masculine decor, so that’s one of my favorite picks.

TV Stand: we were going back and forth between bookcases and media consoles, having lived together for 7 years without an actual TV, and in the end, this statement console was what she chose. The drawers are perfect for hiding knick knacks, and the open shelves were just what she wanted to put some personal things on display — this California-themed book and the Rituals book were some of my favorite options for bringing in some pink and orange accents in, to fit with the warm afternoon light.

While she’s inheriting a TV from a friend, that Samsung Frame tv is high on my purchase list — but with a price tag that starts close to $900, it’s definitely not happening for a while. A girl can dream… and Bruce’s TV will do just fine.

Coffee Table: Emily ended up opting for a round, simple white coffee table similar to this, but I just loved how the faux marble, wider table looked in the post, so that’s what I’m sharing. Plus, the extra shelf is great storage for a small apartment. And at $106 — that’s a steal!

Lighting & decor: This tall floor lamp was such a find on Amazon — though we’d recommend getting warmer light bulbs, as the ones that came with the lamp were a little too cool. Both Emily and I are huge fans of tropical plants so I couldn’t leave one out (who raised a 7-inch fiddle leaf fig plant into a 5-foot tree? This girl. Yes, it was from Amazon). There’s a surprising selection of decent plants on Amazon — this Bird of Paradise being one of them.

Bird of Paradise plants are easy to grow and often mistaken for banana plants — and they love light and water, so they’d be perfect in a south-facing window. And that clean, matte white pot is the perfect place for your tropical plant to call home.

For some extra accents, I loved that set of matte white vases — you can keep them empty, or keep a couple of flowers in them for a pop of color, or a nice touch for your dinner party. And at 3 inches, they fit literally anywhere.

Note: this post contains affiliate links, which support my small business!

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  1. Britt K says:

    Nothing beats a comfortable armchair where you can curl up with a good book! I love the way that everything works together to create such a light, airy feel. I’m sure if she runs with this as inspiration, her apartment is going to look incredible! She’s lucky to have a friend to help her with this process.

  2. Katlyn Brown says:

    I LOVE that coffee table!! SO cute

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