Here are some photos of a mostly-ladies’ night out at Southern Efficiency, one of my favorite spots in the Shaw neighborhood of DC. I can’t give you details on the cocktails — we hit up this spot on a night I was covering another event for BYT, so naturally, the bourbon concoction above was far from my first or second drink that night. Luckily, the photos turned out nicely. It’s easy when your friends give you the perfect combo of sassy, nerdy and hot. Thanks, ladies.










Hi there. This is me, taking photos of my friends at the beach. I’ve been wanting to start a new project with a focus on my life as a photographer — not so much as a cook — but just as an eye behind a lens.

Those of you who know me are aware that I recently made a pretty big life decision: one that grounds me in DC, makes my passion my purpose, and completely fulfills me, but also exhausts me of my former hobby of cooking, photographing, and sharing food.


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I am no less of a photographer; if anything, this career change has made me more of one. Just in the first month of working in art direction and photography full time, I saw my skills and self critiquing abilities jump up. I’m constantly more and more excited about the projects I work on and the pieces I produce, both on the job, and away from it. My camera is even more attached to my shoulder.

So this is my new project. Some days, there will be words, and some days, there will not. There will almost always be photos. Always creativity, and always a voice. Thank you for joining me in this. Xo.

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